The NILGIRI HERBS team is an experienced and expert group of professionals, keen on delivering a great home-buying experience with equally great value for money propositions.


What sets the NILGIRI HERBS team apart, is a professional approach to development and building and a personal touch to each relationship. We cherish our association with our clientele and regard each home that we build, as our own. It is this sense of ownership that percolates down to each unit and individual that is engaged in the development and delivery of your home, right from the planners to the plumbers, the masons and the managers and our handpicked suppliers and their supply chain.

Kaiwaan Patel

Kaiwaan Patel is Managing Director of NILGIRI HERBS PVT LTD and he has been the driving force behind the enterprise since its inception, in 1995.
An alumnus of the University of Mumbai, it is his vast experience in realty and construction and his underlying philosophy of BUILDING ON VALUES that has left over a hundred home buyers inspired and entirely satisfied with their experience of buying land and building a home in the Nilgiris.
Kaiwaan also actively promotes social welfare activities, especially among lesser privileged school children, by providing them with essential requirements to pursue their basic education. He also creates and generates employment and income for the local society residing in the periphery of the development projects.

Why build a Nilgiri bungalow, with us?

  • Clear titles:
    At Nilgiri Herbs. BUILDERS & DEVELOPERS, transparency has been the cornerstone of activity since inception. This culture percolates down to each employee, associate, agency and activity including securing clear land documents that have no encumbrances or that will lead to third party claims over your land.

  • Sanctioned plan:
    All building plans in the Nilgiris must get the due approval of the district authorities including clearances from the environmental agencies like mining and forest departments. Our processes are structured and due diligence is carried out with each application for a building sanction.

  • Water resource:
    Probably the most important aspect when considering building a house is to have an independent and perennial water source. We, at Nilgiri Herbs, ensure that before securing and developing plots, there is ample groundwater reserve.

  • Developed roads:
    Clear and convenient access to your home is essential. With our developed plots, come wide, metalled roads as a guarantee so you have that comfortable ride home, every day (and night).

  • Scenic location:
    Almost every nook and corner of this beautiful part of the world, Nilgiris, is scenic. All our plots are chosen and developed to retain the ‘view from the window’.

  • Safe environs:
    Safety is of prime importance. Every ‘Nilgiri Bungalow’ that we build is located in a conducive and safe environment, and with adequate security provisions in place, keeping in view that ‘good fences make good neighbours’.

  • Indo-European Architecture:
    A blend of colonial and local design is incorporated in every building that we create making it a delightful experience to come home to...

  • Eco-sensitive construction:
    All techniques that are incorporated into the structure of your home are environmentally friendly and eco-sensitive. For instance, instead of felling the tree on your plot (which is usually the case) we build around it!

  • Realistic valuations:
    It is common for markets to demand and dictate prices based on demand. We refrain from escalating prices beyond its true value. And that’s a promise we have met over two decades since inception – building on values.

  • Timeline-based delivery:
    Mutually agreed timelines are met, which go in tandem with payment cycles.

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